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All The Kings Men

             All the Kings Men is a story of the rise and fall of politically challenged man in the South. This story takes place around the 1930's, and the narrator is a man who is named Jack Burden. Jack Burden probably would not be considered the main character, but he is the main character's right hand man. Jack Burden is a really smart guy who does most of the work in the office, while Willie Stark is rising from poverty to become a governor of his state. Willie Stark is the main character, and he plays a very demanding, and somewhat ferocious role. Willie Stark isn't the smartest of them all, so he hired Jack Burden, and after doing so, he was able to blackmail his enemies and make a huge series of liberal reforms that are made to tax thee rich and ease the harshness of the state's poor farmers. Willie Stark is usually good on defeating his nemesis, one of which is named Sam MacMurfee, who was a defeated governor, and he always wants to be like Willie Stark. Jack also has a family of the states government, who turns his back on his so called aristocratic dynasties, and becomes Willie Stark's partner, or right hand man. Willie and his partner Jack are like two very sneaky scammers who usually try to blackmail their enemies. One day, Willie asked Jack to look for skeletons in a closet of Judge Irwin, and Jack is forced to say his ideas concerning the consequences, responsibilities, and motivations. Judge Irwin was the man who took bribes from Adam Stanton, and Jack somehow finds out that Judge Irwin took a few bribes before, and that the old Governor, Stanton, covered it up, which most likely made Judge Irwin kill himself. This then makes Governor Stanton accept the position of director of a new hospital that Willie is building. A couple days later, Anne decides to have an affair with Willie while she is married to Stanton, and after Stanton hears about this situation, he murders Willie in a rage, and the narrator, Jack, never comes back to political stuff ever again.

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