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Final Destination 2

            The scariest movie I have ever watched.
             On this topic I will have to lean towards a new release titled "Final Destination 2". The plot introduced to the viewer in this particular movie is by no means ground-breaking or innovative, but it does portray a new direction in which the movies are taking moviegoers: blood, gore, and extremely graphical depiction, present in many scenes, is here to stay. .
             The plot of Final Destination 2, as mentioned in the former paragraph, does not introduce anything new to the audience. The main character experiences visions of death, which in turn helps her save a group of strangers and herself from a deadly accident on a freeway. By doing so, our hero interrupts Deaths plan and now all of the survivors and her must die. Might I add that the actual act of death that our characters are facing has to be very excruciating and illustrative because Ms. Death now has to work overtime - which obviously is a problem here. Subsequently our characters start dieing off due to very, very horrific circumstances; from getting metal ladders bore a new cavity in their heads to having 5 by 8 foot pieces of glass shatter on top of them. The situation seems grief-stricken when even though they try everything that's in their human power to escape Deaths plan, nothing seems to help or bring about accomplishments on a regular basis. One good example of such a situation is when, after a gruesome meeting concerning how to stay alive, one of our stars leaves the meeting place just to have her cranium cut off by the malfunctioning elevator door. Incidents like this keep on happening throughout the movie. Just when someone thinks that he/she escaped Deaths trap - they die.
             The amount of graphic detail present during these scenes is probably the second scariest element in this production, only being preceded by what goes inside the spectators mind after the movie is over.

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