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             In the movie "The Mind Walk", the actors referred to everything being connected like a spider web. I have no reason not to accept this idea, but it makes me wonder if there are any necessary connections between the actions of some and the well being of others. Do we, as a society, care about how our actions might effect the next person or generation? I believe that many people might say yes, but do these same people's actions reflect their answer.
             I understand that if one person throws a piece of paper on the ground, another person might see it and assume this as acceptable. In turn, this person throws a bottle down and the process continues. Eventually, there could be a serious littering problem; this then becomes an environmental issue, which then becomes an issue for the taxpayers. Some taxpayers might then complain about the rising costs of beautification efforts while they are throwing paper out of the window of their cars. So, if everything is connected, then should anybody have the right to complain when there is a problem; or should everybody be required to complain?.
             It seems to me that most of society understands that any action performed by just one person has the potential to change another persons entire life. The point is, it seems that each action taken by a person (not every single person, but society overall) is solely for their own benefit. In this "spider web", why do the innocent become trapped and what is the purpose? One person does something wrong, and because we are all connected, we all suffer!.
             Because one company was to cheap to purchase a twenty-five cent piece of plastic that would keep two wires from arching inside a television, my child must live with burn scars for the rest of his life. Because one company pulled the televisions off the selves after settling out of court in three previous burn cases, there was no government recall notice. Because there was no recall, there could be more fires.

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