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A Day In the Life

             In the past couple of days I have came across a lot of media, not only here in Middletown, but from all over the state, nation, and world.
             As a media user, I find myself doing a lot of reading (magazines), and listening to music. Also, instead of talking on the phone a lot I prefer to talk over the Internet on AOL instant messenger. I think it is a faster and easier way of talking to more than one person at a time. I would not put myself into a category of “addiction” to a use of media in any way. I use any type of media at any given time, and perhaps, sometimes I don’t even realize I am using it. If there were to be a medium removed from my life, let’s say television, I would be hurting. I watch the news to learn about what is going on in our country and to physically see what is going on. I also watch television for entertainment. So without television, I would feel somewhat “lost.” I truly think any type of media is easy to obtain. If I could spend my time as I pleased, I would spend it window shopping (of course). Clothes are girls’ best friends and of course I would spend most of my time at the mall. The media experiences that I find most rewarding are those that benefit more than one person, such as the news on the television, or magazines. Anything that is global.
             My media routines weren’t something I had to look for or something I had to earn, they were just there. Like the push of a button or the flip of a page, I would have a source of medium right inn front of me. These mediums have become my routines because they are a useful source of information that could only benefit me in a positive way. If these sources were suddenly unavailable to me I would be missing a lot. Such as which celebrity is marrying who or who is winning the war. The media habits that I obtain say that I am interested and concerned about what happens in our world and am interested in the environment around me.