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Nature vs. Nurture “ Breastfeeding

Parents of a new baby have a million things to do, but menu planning isn't usually a top priority. Until that baby is four to six months old, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even the infamous middle-of-the-night feeding, the menu items are either breast milk or infant formula. For any woman planning to have children, making the decision of how to feed their baby is a crucial one. It needs to be made long before that baby is conceived. The nutrition a baby receives in the first months of life is what gives it a good or bad start. For each mother that brings a child home from the hospital, a choice must be made that will affect the rest of the child's life. The question is often raised whether an infant raised on formula is as healthy and advantaged as an infant raised on mother's milk. There are some arguments, but on the whole experts agree on one thing. To really come to a conclusion, all the benefits, effects, and the harms of both infant formula and breast milk must be considered.

One of the biggest effects on the choice of feeding is the physical benefits and effects to the baby. Researchers say that, "Human milk contains at least 100 beneficial ingredients not found in formu

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