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"In a world without people or living beings of any kind, there would be no time. 

The above is a quote from "Time: an essay  by Norbert Elias wherein the issue of time is described as well as all the implications that it has for mankind. Unaware of this encompassing problem that totally surrounds us, we as a society are oblivious to the fact that time, in essence, is a governing part of our everyday lifestyle regulating us to every possible extreme. The following essay serves as an attempt to explain this phenomenon as fully as possible with necessary examples from the above-mentioned text.

In the book "Time: An Essay  by Norbert Elias, one is thrown into a historical account of how the concept, the very nature of time came about. It is through a number of studies within various societies that we learn how the concept of time came about and the reasons as to why such a concept was needed. Elias argues that time itself is a concept totally unperceivable to the human senses, "But time can be neither seen nor felt, neither heard nor tasted nor sme

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