Computer and Education

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Computers, once unheard of, are now found in almost every household in the

United States. Computers are wondrous machines that improve our lives in many areas

like education, entertainment, and work. With computers becoming so relevant in all

aspects of our lives, we must continue to educate future students and prepare them for the

technology. Students must continue to learn and express their computer skills to improve

their ways of thinking, problem solving. Businesses are based around the computer. They

use email, database, and other software to communicate and function. If we don't prepare

students with computer knowledge and skills, they will not be able to keep up with society

as it advances towards the future. As someone once said "computers are the wave of the

When I was in elementary school computers were just starting to make their

integration into the classroom, and they were in effective in helping to teach me about a

variety of different things from history of U.S.A. to how to type. I know that such things

could have been done without the use of computers, but they provided a style of learning

that helped me remember things better and taught me quicker. I still remembe

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