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Computer and Education

            Computers, once unheard of, are now found in almost every household in the .
             Computers are wondrous machines that improve our lives in many areas .
             like education, entertainment, and work. With computers becoming so relevant in all .
             aspects of our lives, we must continue to educate future students and prepare them for the .
             technology. Students must continue to learn and express their computer skills to improve .
             their ways of thinking, problem solving. Businesses are based around the computer. They .
             use email, database, and other software to communicate and function. If we don't prepare .
             students with computer knowledge and skills, they will not be able to keep up with society .
             as it advances towards the future. As someone once said "computers are the wave of the .
             When I was in elementary school computers were just starting to make their .
             integration into the classroom, and they were in effective in helping to teach me about a .
             variety of different things from history of U.S.A. to how to type. I know that such things .
             could have been done without the use of computers, but they provided a style of learning .
             that helped me remember things better and taught me quicker. I still remember the first .
             time I used a computer, in second grade. We started out by doing a drawing program. .
             Just a simple thing that only required the use of the mouse, but we did it once a week for .
             45 minutes a day and even had assignments for it. Today, most classrooms are connected .
             - 2.
             to the Internet or at the very least contain computers to help educate the nation’s children. Technology holds the promise of delivering vast amounts of information in a very short time. The use of computers in and out of school has made improvements in the .
             way we learn. For instance, “the use of computers in the classroom has freed up some of teachers time so they can give more individualized instruction to the needy.