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Why People Keep Pets?

            Why people keep pets? The main topic of my individual talk is why people keep pets? We know that a lot of people keep pets, but if we ask why do they keep them I think will be a various answers. I don't know all answers but some people say that they keep pets, because they feel boring. My grandparent keeps a dog and I think they don't feel boring know. If I ask my grandfather about a pet I can't stop him. He is telling me a surprising story about his pet till I stop laughing. I know that a lot of people don't feel safely, so the other advantage why people keep dogs is security, obviously they keep aggressive dogs not puppies, but there is some strangers who keep the sausage-dog for security.
             I don't keep any pet, because I saw more disadvantages than advantages of keeping pet. I don't want to feel bad smell or wake up early, because my parrot is chirping or I have to go for a walk with dog. I don't want to clean any mess, which did my pet. So in my opinion that it is the main reason why other people and I don't want to keep pet.
             My neighbor had a sausage dog. I hated them because this dog was barking than the neighbor was at work. I felt irritated, because every day I had to rise at five o'clock in the morning. We tried to speak with neighbor, but it didn't help. This dog was barking almost two years while one day he dead. So, now I am very happy and I don't want to have any pet myself. .