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Admission Letter

             I have chosen to attend a school of art for a very vast amount of reasons. It has helped through a lot of tough times in my life. It has been an escape route for me as well as a way to express myself. My troubles can be told to people without mumbling a single word. For years I have always been well noticed for my work. I have won several awards ranging for a scholastic gold key to many governors awards for my work. This year my poster design was picked by the Scholastic committee to advertise the upcoming awards ceremony and will be displayed in business and schools in four counties. These counties are Trumbull, Mercer Mahoning and Astrbula. I have always been told since I was very young my talents would get me somewhere, yet at that age I was not aware of the possibilities art had to offer me. And now that my work is getting recognized throughout my area I am realizing that I am destined to use my talents. Little did I know the many fields that were out there waiting. .
             By attending a school of art I hope to learn new and exciting ways to further expand my talent of art. Also, I intend to peruse a career in the Graphic Design field. I think it is very important to have a job that you want to do. Something that you do not dred being a part of every weekday. I am very much in love with art, as I have mentioned it is a major part of me and I am sure by attending the Cleveland Institute of Art I will certainly get the knowledge I need to survive in the art industry. The reputation of this art institute is highly notable. I have had the opportunity to speak with student on the quality of CIA. The response was nothing but praise. I had already heard so much from my art teacher alone. Now hearing it from students I knew I had to check into it and further investigate. What better place for me to study art than a city filled with theaters and art galleries. I have been to Cleveland many times since I only live an hours drive away.