Characters of Pride and Prejudice

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In Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice a wide variety of personalities are presented some are well developed while others are just mere caricatures. Some characters in the novel are very well written and psychologically well rounded, meaning they have a balanced and fully developed personality. Austen skillfully presents the personal growth and development of these particular Characters throughout the novel. Other characters remain mere caricatures, simply a comic representation and exaggeration of personality traits. By using a combination of well rounded characters and caricatures Austen is satirizing her society, trying to highlight its flaws and suggest a more meaningful way to live.

To begin with Mrs Bennet is an example of caricature. She represents the ridiculous treatment of love and marriage in the Regency period. Her obsession with getting all of her five daughters married is illustrated in the quote, "The business of her life is to get her daughters married.  She is a foolish and frivolous woman, with no concern for the moral or intellectual education of her daughters. Her sole aim is to see her daughters married and through her shallowness she is in unable to even perceive the shame in Lydiaâ

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