Pineapple an descriptive essay

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Many people have misconceptions on a wide variety of fruits from kiwis to pineapples. As I walk down my hallway of hard cherry wood flooring and white accented walls I hear a rumbling in my cavernous stomach, I have a sudden urge for something exotic and tangible, but frigid cold at the same time, not like an exotic Mexican dish. As I ponder on what I shall consume on this weak and weary autumn day. I grasp out to grab the Maytag Elites refrigerator cold dead stainless steel arms as I pull open the doors to our lifeless food storage device I look up at the heaven like lighting to see a fruit. A fruit elevated above all other fruits that dare to compare in taste and looks. This fruit is of great stature and known throughout the world as a fruit fit for kings and queens.

As I grab the armored like fruit in my cold dead hands I look at the pineapple and see intricate details that evade normal eyes and those which don't care for the delectable and exotic fruit. As I tear off the Del Monte Gold tag like a little child tearing off a birthday card off a new present I notice it says extra sweet pineapple on tag, what a rarity to find a sweet and juicy pineapple most may think. The total height of this beastly fruit is a whopping and e

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