What are men and women

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For decades men and women have been driven into certain roles that they are forced to accept by society. In today's world, men and women grow-up with preconceived notions of how things work, how people should act, and what their place is in the world. The three essays about gender issues and stereotypes give many perspectives that are forced upon men and women. The essay, "The Future of Men,  by Susan Faludi, implies that women and affirmative action are the cause of angry and psychotic men everywhere. Women are ousting men from their roles in society. The essay, "Why I Want a Wife,  by Judy Brady, explains explicitly the roles that women are expected to take in society. It also implies that men are the controllers and force women to take on the work they do not want to do around the house. Yet, the essay, "The Men We Carry in Our Minds,  shows a very different view on the subject. This essay tells the story from a poor family's point of view, where the men are hard laborers. The author then sees another perspective where the men are seen to have a life of ease and luxury.

In past times, the gender roles in society were very clear cut. They were

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