Genetically Modified Crops

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Genetically modified food on agricultural biotechnology has generated considerate interest and controversy in the United States. Some say that technology's benefits while others raise questions about environmental and food safety.

The United States accounts for over two-thirds of all biotechnology crops planted globally. Genetically modified food crops grown by U.S. farmers include corn, cotton, soybeans, canola, squads, and papaya.

Crop varieties developed by genetic engineering were first introduced for a commercial production in 1996. Today these crops are planted on more than 145 million acres worldwide. U.S. farmers are by far the largest producers of genetically modified crops.

The principle agricultural biotechnology products marketed to date have been genetically modified crops engineered to tolerate herbicides and resist pest. Crops carrying herbicide tolerant genes were developed so that farmers could spray their fields to eliminate weeds without demanding the crop.

The United States has consistently planted more Genetically modif

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