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             I think that each person at some stage at his or her lives, wonders what culture is all about. I personally think about that often. In order for a person to appreciate their family, friends and all the other people around them, one must understand what culture is to do with. Culture is a body in a way of how we behave. In my opinion culture is the way some people live in a different societies. People, who have different meanings, promise rules and norms. The most important thing which culture gives us is an identity or an understanding of which we really are. Things like race is only a physical appearance of a person, nationality is a citizenship which one has. But if we look inside of each individual of different culture, we will find that we all the same people. We all have feelings, understandings and our blood is the same color. Each culture has it’s own opinions and in order for us to communicate with each other, we need to learn other understandings to life. .
             There are many different cultures in the world today. What makes up a culture is different for every group. Culture is often based on long standing traditions that have been passed from generation to generation. It can be evolved through societal and religious influences. Changing culture would almost be impossible because it is in every society in every country today.
             I always thought that people act and behave the way they do because they were born that way. It never occurred to me that their beliefs and actions could be caused by the things that surround them and in turn, makes them who they are. I experience different forms of culture everyday of my life. Tacit models and Rules are two important aspects of culture that affect me daily.
             Tacit models are a big feature that my family follows. My mother and father have brought us up to respect our elders and peers, speak with politeness, and always use our manners. I feel that these are very ethical ideas to follow and my parents brought us up to be very respectable young adults.