My Family

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What I want to talk about today is something I hold very dear to my heart, my family.

I was brought to this world on the 22nd of October 1987 as a 6 pound one month premature baby. Look at me now, certainly not handicapped by it. We are a foursome family, dad, mum, elder brother and me.

My father with a bit of graying hair is touching 50 this year. Unlike many of his contemporizes he is a picture of health and vitality. He is a dentist. I admire his dedication to his patients and work. He strives to deliver the best care to his patients. During my standard six year, I came to realize that I was one of the few who didn't attend any tuition at all through out the primary years. My brother and I didn't attend any tuition at all with help from my mum; my dad as our only tutors. I remember ˜han yu pin yin' or Chinese phonetics was the one that we struggled through most. Though my father is a strict disciplinarian he can be jovial and caring at the same time. Being a keen photographer, he has

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