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Though there are probably hundreds of thousands of different values that hundreds of thousands of different people cherish, there are three main values that I cherish and stand upon. Those three main values include passion, dedication, and compassion. I get these values, and many others, from several different places that my life evolves around. Some of these places include my family, my childhood, my high school experience, my college experience, church and my faith, and many others. Throughout this essay, I will describe and define each of these values, telling what they mean to me, personally, and where I believe I inherited them.

The first value I chose is Passion. Webster defines the word Passion as, "a strong liking for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept.  This, too, is probably most of the world's definition of the word, as well. However, to me, personally, I feel that from my own experiences, being passionate about something is not be able to sleep the night before your next baseball game because you love it so much, wanting to rush to the field as quickly as possible because of the aroma of the ballpark in your nose, or not ever wanting to leav

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