What I Learned in Psychology

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There are only a few things I've learned from taking this class, but the few things I learned are worth much more than anything else I have ever learned in all the classes that I have taken at Meramec. With each of the topics that I wrote about, I gained a least a little something from each question. The question on how should one live made me think of what was really important in my life, having a loving family or making a large amount of money. The Star Trek paper intrigued me concerning the many aspects of choosing the "right  decision. The "Does Science Tell the Whole Truth  paper did not interest me at all. I don't think I gained much from that section just because I don't care about every little detail of why something happens, so I wouldn't be interested if science really did explain the truth. "Who Am I - What Am I  was very interesting in that scientists don't know the exact answer, so it was fun for me to think of different ways I thought the mind and body interact and how they are two extremely different things. The one question that blew me away when I actually thought deeply of my answer was, "Is There a God.  It r

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