Is Technology Taking Over Our Life?

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Learning how to use a computer is like learning to drive a car. Once a person learn the basics, the rest is simple. It's something everyone should be capable of doing. It is also necessary in today's society, because we rely on computers for everyday life. But to make the core of children's education is something that many people believe will destroy their ability to learn.

The world is computer-intensive, and our children cannot compete if they are not fluent with computers according to some computer technology salesmen. But when a person stop and think about it, the computer skills that our high school students need are work skills, such as cash registers, the use of spreadsheets for booking orders or bookkeeping, filling out applications using computers. While we will all be using computers for a long time to come, this does not justify bringing computers into the lower grades. All we are trying to do is encourage and develop critical thinking and the creativity the world needs. These types of skills are not enhanced, but are diminished when operating a computer. The computer imposes a structured type of thinking that is inappropriate for the young child, diminishing their potential. Spelling and grammar checks

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