My Dreams for the future

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At five I had my future clearly planned: at 18 I would become a hairdresser like my mum's friend Jane who was the prettiest woman I've ever seen, then I would marry Tony from next door who always wore the coolest Nike shoes you can imagine and ran faster than all the other boys. I would live in a huge villa and own 4 dogs, 5 cats, a horse and a parrot... Time, and 3 dead hamsters, have however since taught me that pets need a lot of time and care that I don't always afford, that Tony from next door will never amount to anything except the village idiot and as to being a hairdresser, judging from the mess I always manage to make of my hair whenever I take a go at it, I might as well dream of being a tooth fairy. Yes, my dreams for the future have changed drastically as I have grown older, and, standing at the brink of adulthood as I now do, I look forward to a very different future from what I did when I was 5.

Career-wise I have dished hair dresser for nurse. A couple of years ago my uncle Pierre was in Intensive Care for some time and I ended up spending quite a few hours in hospital gazing wondrously at the machinery that was keeping my uncle alive and even more wondrously at the nurses who worked so quiet

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