Cloud Nine

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"Do you think I'm stupid, Henry?!  Keisha yelled as she dug her nails into his forearm, staring at the tracks fabricated love left him.

"I told you before, I will not tolerate anymore of this! It's one thing to sit here and watch you do this to yourself, but another to watch you do this to us. I said to you, if this happened one more time it was over, no talking about it first. You did this, you must suffer!  And just like that, she took her bag from the floor, her keys from the table, and stormed out of the apartment, leaving a whole world of pain behind her. Heroin had built this home for the two of them and now it had destroyed it. Henry once stood strong and solid, a man and a genius, oozing with street knowledge and with more connections than a telephone operator. Today, and for the last 4 months, he stood tenuously, shaking almost, not at the words that had just been shouted at him, not at the fact the woman he referred to as his "love  had just abandoned him, but at the drugs that flowed through his system. It numbed him to a point where the world was his oyster, Henry knew best. He had known best when he made his income triple, tax free. He had known best when he took that

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