Genetic Engineering

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Genetic Engineering: Correcting the Code Often there is a sudden breakthrough in a field of sciences, a key moment, an experiment, an event that changes people's lives all over the world. In September of 1990, the first genetic treatment of a human being with an inherited illness was they key moment or event for genetics. They injection of a genetically altered white blood cells into the child's body was little more than a transfusion. The child sat on a bed, an intravenous tube was hooked to her arm and her own white blood cells were infused into her circulation. Yet those white blood cells were like no other cells in history. They had been genetically engineered (Thompson 9). This girl isn't alone in beating the odds. Genetic engineering has grown and become more common. People with diseases, infertile men, and farmers especially should recognize the many benefits from genetic engineering. They could end up with a cure a lot faster and find easier ways of getting treatment to healthier foods. From this kind of example, genetic engineering should be a known and accepted practice. It is a safe way to create good quality foods, create new lives, and cure diseases. In May of 1994, the Food and Drug Administration approved a genetically e

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