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College Health

            Most doctors and dietitians will agree that college is undoubtedly going to be the unhealthiest period of your life. You will have to make big adjustments to your new freedoms and responsibilities away from home, and this may affect your body in negative ways. These factors usually result in a lack of consciousness of your health. It is imperative that you take into consideration your health and well being while in school, because, not only can it wear on you physically, but it can also affect your performance in the classroom. Staying in good physical and mental health is not very hard though, if you follow four easy steps. .
             Most of the food you eat will be some sort of quick prepared meal that is high in fat and calories, and you probably will not eat three full meals every day. That is why the first and most important step is to eat well. You should always start the day off with something for breakfast. This will give you the energy you need to get through those rough eight and nine a.m. classes. While it is good to stray from unhealthy foods, it is not entirely necessary. Vary your diet, and try your best to include fruits and vegetables, which will help get you through the day. Skipping meals is not a great idea, but if you cannot eat three every day, try to eat at least two, with some healthy snacks in between. .
             The second step goes hand in hand with the first: exercise. If you have poor eating habits, you will gain weight; there is no way around it. And if you think that you can walk off all this weight on the way to your classes, you are wrong. You do not have to join the gym to stay in shape, although it would help tremendously. Sign up for an intramural sport, and if that is not your thing, find a dance or aerobics class. Running is a very good way to tone many of your muscles and an excellent way to lose those extra pounds you have laying around. Go swimming, play a pick up game of basketball or ultimate, jog some stairs.