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The Accident

            I have had many experiences throughout my high school years that have affected me in some way or another, but there is only one experience that has had the greatest affect on my life. I can remember that cool, May, summer day like it was yesterday. School was out and the summer was about to begin, when something unexpected changed my life. The day starts off by my friend Erin coming over to my house just so we can hang out. My mom is out running errands, my dad is at work, and my brother is out of town, so we have the house all to ourselves. All of the cars are gone except my brother's explorer. 5- My parents would not be home for a couple of hours, so in our heads, a bright idea pops up. We go outside and decide we are going to take out my brother's car. I mean how hard could it be to drive a car; probably not that hard, or so that is what I was thinking. Erin and I get in the explorer and I back out of the driveway and off we go to cruise the neighborhood. We get back to my house, nothing wrong with us or the car, so we think we can just take it again and nothing will happen. I go inside to call Whitney, another friend of mine, and just let her know that Erin and I are coming over. As I get to the end of the driveway, I stop and ask Erin which way I should turn, left or right. She says right, so I start backing up without even looking at where I am going, and I run straight into a parked car and the guy who is getting out of that parked car. 6- A heart attack is what I about had. The guy started screaming and my initial reaction was to leave, so I put the car in drive, speed up into my driveway, park in the garage, run inside, and lock all the doors. I have no idea what I am suppose to do at this point, I mean I did not even stop and ask the guy if he was ok because I was so scared. I call one of my neighbors, tell her what just had happened, and she goes and helps the man.

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