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Need / Want

             "Mommy, Mommy I want this," is what every little kid says when they pass the candy or toy section in a store. Does that really change, as we get older? Webster's Dictionary defines want as, "to be needy or destitute". It seems not just children always want something because it keeps them entertained. Does that mean that they should just go out and get it? No, because they will just end up forgetting about it the next month. What about the things that a person needs? Such as paying bills, foods, water, once in a while that person will have to sacrifice what they want for the necessities to get by in life. So then a person should think about what they are going to buy before they actually purchase it.
             As a person thinks about what they are going to buy, they should take in consideration of something that they need more than want. According to Webster's Dictionary the word need is defined as, "a lack of something requisite, desirable, or useful. A physiological or psychological requirement for the well being of an organism." So many people need different things to carry out a task. Whether it is a new pair of running shoes to stay in shape, or a job to earn money so they can pay their bills. If someone were to buy something that they wanted over what they need it could put them in a lot of trouble. Really then again one should take in consideration of what they are going to buy and make sure that it is something they need over something they want.

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