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Lord of the Flies essay

            When novels are turned into movies they often lose the substance that they had in the text. One novel in particular that illustrates this is Lord of the Flies by William Golding. The movie was made in 1963 directed by Peter Brook. In the novel, Golding, puts a lot of emphasis on certain things that Brook just seems to touch base on. This leads to the conclusion that there are many similarities and differences in the two. .
             I would be wonderful to live in a society where there are no rules or regulation. A society where people do whatever they want despite what everyone else thinks, but is a society free from rules and regulation a working society. We often take living in a civilized society for granted. It is very hard to imagine our society free from all rules, morals, and regulations. These rules, morals, and regulations keep our society running and intact. The novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding is an excellent example of the type of society we would not want to be part off. .
             Lord of the Flies is about young boys from a boarding school that get stranded on a deserted island. Since they are just thrown into this situation, they are forced to become their own society and rule themselves. Their efforts to construct an efficient society fail because they lack the organization and structure to do so. The main characters in the novel are Ralph, Simon, Jack, Roger, and Piggy. Ralph becomes the leader and tries to promote a civilized way of living. This goes well for a while, but Jack seems to think that there is a better way to run things. He rebels against Ralph and creates this sub-society that is only concerned with hunting and a savage way of life. The conflict that is evident between them really then boils down to civilization versus savagery. .
             While the novel and the movie are the same as a whole, they do have their share of similarities and differences. Golding focuses more on the way that the boys are interacting and then the way that they eventually turn on each other.

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