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Most Dangerous Game

             Reading Most Dangerous Game it reminded me about the time me and my friends were watching a Van Dam movie which is almost the same as Most Dangerous Game it's about Van Dam being hunted from a bunch of hunters who pays to hunt people. After watching the movie my friends and I wondered how much fun it would be to hunt something, so we went and got are BB guns and started shooting chickens and birds. However, that started getting bored so we thought of a game about hunting each other, but instead of using BB guns we used paint ball guns so no one would get hurt. The game starts of by drawing straws; the person with the shortest straw becomes the hunted and that person gets a three minute head start while the others prepare for the hunt. I remember one time I was the one being hunted and I had to hide and figure out ways to out maneuver my friends, just like what Van Dam or Rainsford did. The only different thing is at the end my friends and I are safe and we can laugh at the stupid things we did playing the game.
             In the Most Dangerous Game the protagonist is Rainsford, he is the main character of the story. He is the one who becomes the hunted in the story by the antagonist, which is General Zaroff. Rainsford, at first thought that General Zaroff was inviting him to go out and hunt other people, but it turns out that Zaroff wanted to hunt Rainsford, because he has experience in the hunting game. However, irony struck Zaroff with a roll reversal, where Zaroff ends up the hunted and Rainsford ends up the winner.
             In the other story, which is Reading a Story it is mainly about fiction. It states that fiction are "stories not entirely factual, but at least partially shaped, made up, imagined". However, "some fiction, such as a historical novel, a writer draws upon factual information in presenting scenes, events, and characters.
             From reading a Most Dangerous Game to Reading a Story, I can see that Most Dangerous Game is fiction.

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