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The Most Dangerous Game

             Twisted and mind-boggling! These are two words I would use to describe Richard Connell's story "The Most Dangerous Game. Talk about psycho; honestly, who hunts people? This guy Richard Connell is quite a character to ponder up something of this sort. Although this plot is so far-out, I still enjoyed it thoroughly. This story was one out of many that was able to keep me interested, and that is quite a feat.
             The setting is one thing that I just loved about the story. " the dank tropical night that was palpable as it pressed its thick warm blackness in upon the yacht," what a description. I could just see myself on this ship being able to touch the night because it was so thick. The fact that he calls it Ship-Trap Island is pretty cool too. When Whitney says, "Sailors have a curious dread of the place," what a coincidence! If Whitney only knew that his friend Rainsford was going to end up there and have "the time of his life." Rainsford, while they were nearing Ship-Trap Island, acted as the logical one saying "Pure imagination." He was saying this as if there was nothing to worry about, even though the tough-minded old Swede they"d talked about was shiverin" in his boots. Rainsford, though, worried not one bit, just went up for another pipe on the deck. I think you can almost predict what is going to happen and who it's going to happen to. At that point I knew Rainsford was in deep trouble and some way some how he was going to end up on that island.
             Next thing you know, pipes are fallin", people are fallin", and then badabing badaboom, sure enough, he's the one who ends up on the island. After making it through some dense jungle and resting for a while he finds a "mirage", well not really a mirage. He actually finds the home of a man who goes by the name of General Zaroff, I love the name. I can just see him now. (I picture him as the short fat guy who hunts Bugs Bunny) What are the chances of this Zaroff guy reading a book that Rainsford wrote, when he lives on some island in the middle of nowhere? Well, I guess pretty good, since he's a hunting guru.

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