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Most Dangerous Game

            A person is unable to empathize with another unless he has shared a similar.
             Often one will come to realize the feeling of another. In, "The Most.
             Dangerous Game" by Richard Connel, the characters are both skilled hunters.
             who find themselves pitted against each other in the ultimate game of cat and.
             mouse. When Sanger Rainsford meets the formidable General Zaroff, he learns.
             what true fear is and discovers the resources needed to overcome his foe.
             General Zaroff is a cruel and heartless hunter. He tells Rainsford that he.
             must hunt an animal that can reason and that humans are the only thing that.
             can, so he hunts them. Zaroff must be mentally ill to hunt humans. He must.
             feel a sense of superiority when he makes a kill. In addition Zaroff placed lights.
             in the ocean to indicate a false channel full of jagged rocks which will tear metal.
             like its paper. Zaroff must have a strong need to keep his human "stock" in high.
             numbers. To destroy ships and have survivors swim to his island is the only way.
             he can keep hunting humans. Furthermore, Zaroff keeps the men he will hunt in.
             a training camp in his basement. Because the sailors are not used to being on.
             land Zaroff must put them in training camp to let them get used to the land so he.
             can hunt them in a dangerous game. General Zaroff likes his opponents to be.
             physically fit. General Zaroff's hobby of hunting humans is sick and ruthless.
             Sanger Rainsford is a cunning and resourceful opponent. For example,.
             while playing the game with General Zaroff, Rainsford digs a deep hole and puts.
             large, sharp sticks in the bottom and covers the hole with brush. Rainsford is.
             good at making good use of what he has. Rainsford doesn't give up when he.
             might be considered the underdog. In addition, Rainsford ties a knife to a vine.
             and makes a booby trap for Zaroff, which misses Zaroff and hits his assistant.
             Ivan. Although Rainsford misses his opponent he is successful on getting him to.

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