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the most dangerous game

             In the story "The Most Dangerous Game," by Richard Connell, Rainsford uses his intelligence, determination and, resourcefulness to win the game and escape from Zaroff. Rainsford's intelligence helped him through the game. Determination is another thing that helped Rainsford beat Zaroff. Rainsford's resourcefulness helped him in many situations during the story. Due to these three traits, Rainsford survived the game and beat Zaroff. .
             Rainsford thought that determination was a key idea in winning the game. Rainsford's face was "set and [he] forced the machinery of his mind to function," proving how determined Rainsford really was (52). I could never be like Rainsford and "not loose my nerve" because he is more determined than I am (84). During town the game, Rainsford "slid down the tree and struck off again into the woods," determined not to be scared (48). Rainsford was correct on thinking that his determination would help him win the game. .
             Intelligence is one thing Rainsford has and uses well. Rainsford had "an idea that he had a wild chance. and he headed away from the swamp"(50). His "mind worked frantically [and] he thought of a native trick he had learned in Uganda.fastened his hunting knife" to the springy young sapling (50). He showed his intelligence by examining "the ground closely.He knew that from the position of the sun that it was late afternoon" (34). Rainsford's intelligence helped him the best that it could. .
             In addition to all of Rainsford's traits, his resourcefulness is the most needed one. From "the softness of the earth," a thought came to Rainsford telling him to a Burmise Tiger pit to beat Zaroff (49). Rainsford "stepped back from the quicksand, a dozen feet or so and like some prehistoric hunter began to dig" (49). He made a "Malay Man-catcher" which allowed Zaroff to congratulate Rainsford because "not many men know how to make a Malay Man-catcher" (51).

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