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The Most Dangerous Game

            What the people in the film industry came up with for the short story "The Most Dangerous Game" was pretty interesting. "The Most Dangerous Game" is about a man that falls off a boat and floats onto an island where the only resident is a man hunter. Much of the story was made more "glam" for the silver screen and major changes were made. I personally did not enjoy many of the changes because I believe that it was too far off from the orginal story.
             The story had lots of big changes for the movie and probably one of the first ones that I noticed was the added characters. Two characters were added in the movie, a brother and a sister who were the count's islands. The brother was a very gullible, drunk man who never made sense and obviously had some humorous value. The sister was what you"d expect from the time period in which the movie was filmed. She followed a lot of the stereotypes of women from that time. She was pretty helpless, didn't express much feelings or opinion in whatever was going on and of course she was very proper about everything she did. You"d expect the only reason she was in the movie was for some romantic value but there wasn't really much of that in the movie. That was actually pretty surprising. These characters were just one of the many distractions from the story and most of the time were pretty irrelevant from everything else that was going on. The people who made the movie probably realized there were not really very many characters, so for movie value, the probably wanted to add some characters that were just kind of there and made it seem like there was more going on in the movie even though there really wasn't. The second change in the movie that was different was that the boat actually sunk. The main character jumped off, but in the movie, the whole boat actually sunk and there were no survivors except for him. I"m guessing the movie producers added that one in to make the movie more exciting.

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