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The Most Dangerous Game

            "The world is made up of two classes, the hunters and the huntees." The quote is from the short story "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell. This quote has a lot to do with the conflicts in the story. It also reflects on the main character of the story, Rainsford.
             The conflict of the story was that the main character, Rainsford ends up on this island. Earlier that night, he had herd 2 gunshots from the island as his yacht was passing it in the middle of the night. He quickly ran up to the deck and looked over to see if he could notice anything unusual from the island. To get a better look, he leaned over the railing and lost his pipe. As he tried to catch his pipe, he fell from the yacht. He swam ashore, and ended up on the island. On this island, he met General Zaroff, a crazy old man who hunted humans for fun. Zaroff, recognizing Rainsford as a knowledgeable hunter, challenged him to what Zaroff called his "game". It turns out that Zaroff begins to hunt for Rainsford, but Rainsford beats him at his own game. The quote reflects on this, because Rainsford had said that they were lucky to be the hunters, and not the hunted. The tables turned on Rainsford, as he became the hunted.
             The quote also reflects on Rainsford's character. At first, Rainsford talks about how humans are lucky to be hunters, not huntees. You call tell that Rainsford is someone who hunts often, and is proud of his success. By his attitude on hunting, you can tell that he is a pretty smart and good hunter. He never thought that he would end up being hunted, though. .
             I do believe that Rainsford's character has changed after the conflict. I believe this because he now knows what it is like to be hunted. He knows exactly what is going trough animal's minds as they run from the hunters. His character has also changed for the better, because he has lived through something that he easily could have lost his life too.

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