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Rocking Horse Winner

            -There was a woman who was beautiful, yet she had no luck.
             -She married for love, and the love turned to dust.
             -She had children, but she couldn't them.
             -Although they lived in style, they felt always anxiety in the house. .
             -Children could hear "There must be more money! There must be more money!" all the time when they were in the haunted house.
             -One they Paul asked to his mom why they were not rich.
             -She said, neither her husband nor herself have luck.
             -Paul wanted to get luck; also he thought he had luck.
             -He would sit on the rocking horse, charging madly into space. .
             -He knew the horse could take him to where there was luck.
             -Uncle Oscar was delighted to find that his small nephew was posted with all racing news.
             -Paul said the Uncle that he was a partner with Basset and he (Paul) could know who will win in races.
             -"Daffodil" Paul doubted it about the race and Paul won the race. .
             -Basset was keeping his money. .
             -When the Leger came, Paul was sure about Lively Spark' and it came in first. .
             -Paul said he started that race because of his mother who didn't have luck.
             -At Paul mother's birthday, he gave money to her by their lawyer. .
             -But voice of the sound went mad.
             -At Grand Nation, Lincoln he didn't know the winner so he lost money.
             -Paul's mother noticed what was going on to Paul.
             -Paul had a secret with in a secret, something he had not divulged, even to Basset or to Uncle Oscar. .
             -His mom decided to send him to the sea side after Derby.
             -The Rocking-Horse was a secret. .
             -Two nights before Derby, when she was coming from party she felt strange anxiety at her heart.
             -She went to Paul's room which had strange, heavy and soundless noise. .
             -When she went to the room and turned on the right, she could see her son, in his green pajamas, madly surging on the rocking horse. .
             -"It's Malabar!" he screamed, in a powerful, strange voice.
             -The Rocking-Horse was his inspiration.

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