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            The Un-Dead are immortals with very unique powers. In Stoker's (1965) novel, Dracula, Count Dracula was among the Un-Dead in the form of a vampire. Van Hesling explains the Un-Dead as ". . . she is not dead. I did not say she was alive, my child; I did not think it. I go no further than to say that she might be Un-Dead" (p. 206). One of the special powers of the vampire is the power to attract its victims with unconscious lust and love (p. 215). What I will prove is that those powers of love and lust that the Un-Dead planned to use to attract more victims, will turn and become the powers that ultimately destroy them.
             It is out of the lore and experience of the ancients and of those who have studied the powers of the Un-Dead. When they become such, there comes with the change the curse of immortality; they cannot die, but must go on age after age adding new victims and multiplying the evils of the world, for all that die from the preying of the Un-Dead becomes themselves Un-Dead, and prey on their kind (Stoker, 1965, pp. 214-215).
             [Jonathan was sleeping in the women's chambers. He sees three women vampires and they are approaching him. The way he feels towards them will describe the powers of persuasion of lust that have been given to the undead.] Jonathan describes his feelings towards the women by saying, " "There was a deliberate voluptuousness which was both thrilling and repulsive, . . . I closed my eyes in a languorous ecstasy and waited - waited with a beating heart."" (p. 39) Although they have an awful stench about them he longs for their kiss. He is unable to resist their powers. (pp. 36-39).
             Count Dracula bit Lucy. Upon her biting a strange instance occurs in her love life. Lucy recalls these events to Mina. "My dear, it never rains but it pours. How true the old proverbs are. Here I am, who shall be twenty in September, and yet I never had a proposal till to-day, not a real proposal, and to-day I have had three" (p.

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