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Coaching Philosophy

            It was through my experiences, as an athlete that my interest in becoming a coach had developed. The first thing I was taught was to give respect, if I wanted respect back. However, before this is can be achieved, an open, amicable relationship between the coaches, athletes and parents must be established. Everyone, including assistants to the coach, should be provided with the opportunity to freely express their ideas. If there was anything preventing an athlete from doing their best, I would want them to know that my door would always be open. .
             As a coach, it is my responsibility to look after the athlete's well being. In addition to the athlete, the parents must be informed with the risks involved. I must be able to provide and maintain adequate equipment needs, as well as, a safe yet enjoyable environment. For precautionary measures, a coach should be certified in both first aid and CPR. They should also keep an interest in continuing their knowledge for that specific sport. .
             Although, levels of conditioning in pre-season, in-season and off-season are varied, the training and conditioning of a team is fundamental in developing skills. A coach has to remain patient with all athletes, no matter how skilled they are. In order for someone to be able to participate in a team sport, players must have confidence in themselves. Once individual confidence is achieved, the team has an opportunity to come together. Lastly, a coach must continue motivating the team and/or individual, because if they are not motivated, they may feel like they have nothing to work for.

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