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My Coaching Philosophy

            As a coach, I am considered the leader of this team. As head coach, it is my job to not only teach the fundamentals of how to play and develop skills, but to also teach life skills. I will always come to practice prepared and ready to go. Both players and coaches will always encourage one another and always have positive attitudes while on the court. Every player on this team will be treated fairly and no one will be seen as higher than any one else. Every player on this team is important and will play a role in the success of this team. I understand that I am not your parent, but it is my job to have a positive impact, not only in your basketball career, but in my player's lives as well. I will treat each player with respect, and I will ask the same of my players. I am here to help each player develop character and help in maintaining his or her priorities. I want each player to leave this program as success minded individuals. Communication will be key, and I want each player to know that I am always here for each of them. Throughout this year, each player will develop a great work ethic. Whenever a player steps on the court, I will accept nothing less than 100% effort. At the end of the day, we are a team, not a group of individuals. We are to respect, listen trust, and cooperate with one another, both on and off the court. In order to be successful, we have to know that our teammates have our backs, no matter the circumstance. Everyone must be onboard with the system that is in place; the way we play, how we practice, how we handle schoolwork and how we carry ourselves off the court. The season is not based on how many wins or losses we have. It is about how we got there. We will face adversity, but through adversity, our true character will show. That is what I want every individual to take away from this season. I want to develop character in each one of my players. Their success in life will not be based on how many wins they got or how many points they scored in a game, but rather how they carry themselves and how they act when a little adversity is thrown their way.

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