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Descriptive Essay

            I have always dreamed of going to a different country. I have always dreamed of experiencing new societies, customs, and viewing the landscapes of far off places; two summers ago I got my chance. I signed up for a fourteen-day trip to tour the countries of Spain, France, and England. I knew it would be the cultural experience of a lifetime, but I never thought that the scenery could be a fascinating part of the experience.
             When I first stepped off the plane, my eyes could not stop scanning my surroundings. After a long morning of trekking through the elbow-to-elbow tourist traffic, and dealing with the street merchants; I looked into the exquisite sky in what was at first frustration. As I began to tilt my head and raise my eyes, I caught a glimpse of what appeared to me as a giant sandcastle. The bizarre looking structure quickly had my attention. I then decided to get a better look at this architectural phenomenon; so I began my swim through the sea of tourists and merchants. As I approached the structure I could clearly see that it was a church or temple of some kind by the little crosses perched on top of the tower like structures. Once I had approached the temple I noticed it had a fence around it; so I was only limited to an external view.
             I stopped, and the unique beauty of the cathedral quickly paralyzed me. Everything else seemed to stand still, because out of all the distractions I did not hear or see anything but the temple. I was to busy noticing the un-proportioned towers which looked as if it had been modeled after a Picasso painting. As I gazed at the front of the church, I looked at the archway surrounding the entrance. It had sculptures of biblical characters and scenes that were awkwardly engraved in the stone, but the designs did not stop at the archway. There disproportionate scenes of angels battling demons, Jesus healing the sick, all the way to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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