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Persuasive Essay: Pros/Cons of SUVs

            Since exploding on the scene as Athe world=s greatest fighting machine@ at the Proving Grounds of Camp Holabird, Maryland, in 1940, the Jeep was the worlds first SUV, helping soldiers on the battlefield of World War Two, and later becoming an instant icon in the United States . Today Jeep holds the title as America=s most beloved vehicle, and in following Jeep many other car companies have followed Jeep and have created their own line of SUVs. There are people today who now believe that SUVs should be banned because of their fuel efficiencies and other debatable issues, while there are others, myself included, who believe SUVs should be kept on the roads, and then there is the government involvement in the issue.
             To start with, there are many people like environmentalist and activists who are against car companies building SUVs. Their reasons are that they believe SUVs use to much gas and thus pollute the environment, and they also believe that by owning an SUV you are supporting terrorism. The first argument about SUVs is a true statement for some but not all SUVs, SUVs like the Ford Excursion are huge gas hogs, but Ford has recognized this problem and is stopping th production of this vehicle. But other SUVs like the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ford Explorer get the same amount of gas mileage as many mid-sized cars do. With more time spent on research and design car makers could easily make all SUVs gas consumption tolerable. These people also believe that by owning an SUV that you are supporting terrorism. This issue has been brought up recently in a few commercials on TV about the subject, saying that because our gas is exported from the middle east and SUVs use so much gas that you support Terrorism by buying an SUV. Calling people terrorist supporters for buying an SUV is wrong because right now buying an SUV is very American and that=s like calling people who buy sports cars and full sized cars terrorists supporters as well because these vehicles tend to have the same or worse gas efficiency as SUVs.

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