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            Have you ever thought about what it would be like to design your own child? That's one of controversial topics under the discussion of cloning. There are beneficial and negative aspects of each side of this heated debate. This is such an important topic that the government has stepped in to put in laws, banning cloning for the time being. One thing I don't believe is very beneficial to the cloning debate is several high power politicians sitting around, making laws about things that they don't even have proper knowledge of. They should not be making decisions of this much importance.
             For starters, I"ll take you through a brief history of cloning and how it got to be the large-scale discussion it is today. In 1938, Hans Spemann thought of a "fantastical experiment" to transfer one cell's nucleus into an egg without a nucleus. That is the basic thought in the process of cloning. In 1944, Oswald Avery discovered that genetic information was carried by the nucleic acids of cells. In 1952 Briggs and King cloned a tadpole. In 1977, Karl Illmensee claimed to have created mice with only one parent. In 1996, Dolly, the first animal cloned from adult cells was born. Then a clone of a monkey was done in March of 1997. That brought the cloning close to humans due to the relative likeness between primate and human DNA. .
             There are many benefits to cloning. Many of the reasons people really want to see the cloning continue are the medical benefits. People all over the world are dieing daily due to the fact that they cannot get a replacement organ for a failing one. With cloning, we would be able to get the organs needed by using the persons own DNA to make a identical clone of the person's organ that would work perfectly with the person's body. Many times the person will get an organ, but get ill because the body will reject the organ. Using the person's own DNA to create a replacement organ would ensure a perfect match.

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