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The War in Iraq

             The war in Iraq is a very hot topic in the United States and around the world. I am going to express my opinion of the war and then I will defend the people on the other side of it.
             If I were in Presidents Bush's position I would have gone to war. Any country or person who is a threat to others should be dealt with in a peaceful manner. However, if the country or people don't want to follow laws and regulations something needs to be done about it. Saddam Hussein was a very controlling man and many lives were lost because of his power and their beliefs. Iraq had plenty of time to disarm and did not want to comply with our orders. So the only way was to go to war. Just think of all those people who were so afraid of him and how they might feel today now that he has lost his power. I don't think we truly know how he was treating his people. It was also a good thing to get him out of power for the sake of terrorism. We must take action where action is needed to make the world safe from countries whose leaders support terrorist actions. If the Iraqi's would have developed or come into possession of nuclear or powerful chemical weapons, they may have used them or let terrorist use them against other countries. A nuclear or chemical attack anywhere in the world could start a war that would have disastrous results.
             On the other hand those who oppose the war have legitimate opinions. Those Americans who remember the Vietnam and Korean wars have not forgotten. Thousands of soldier's lives were lost in what seems to have been pointless battles. No Americans really want the repeat of either war or the uncertainty that comes with war. Additionally, the lives of thousands of Iraqi men, women, and children were put at risk and some of them did not survive. .
             With the United States in the worst recession in recent years, the war has not helped the economy by any means. With a slower economy comes unemployment, the decline of stock prices and depression.

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