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An Exciting Marketing Career

            Almost a third of all Americans are employed in marketing related positions since marketing has become an attractive career for many people. Marketing offers career opportunities for people with varying educational backgrounds. A marketing career prepares people for top management positions in all types of organizations since it trains people to operate their own businesses.
             I think more people should major in marketing since it is an increasingly growing field and the number of possible marketing careers is enormous. According to projections by the U.S. Department of Labor, jobs in marketing are increasing at an unprecedented rate and the rate will increase dramatically between now and the year 2005. People in marketing typically accept considerable responsibility early in their careers. For example, within six months to one year of being hired, assistant retail buyers are usually given budget authority for purchases involving hundreds of thousands of dollars. Marketing is also a favorite career for many African Americans. "In particular, African Americans have an important role to play in marketing fields today, " according to Kim Hunter, president of Lagrant communications, a Los Angeles based African American owned advertising and public relations firm representing a wide range of major corporations. "As our society becomes more diverse, African American Marketers provide valuable insight into the customer's mind, as a result, marketing is wide open for African Americans. There is opportunity to be creative, to be energized, and to be highly effective, " Hunter said.
             Overall opportunities in marketing are both extensive and diverse. A recent study by one executive recruiting firm found that more top executives have backgrounds in marketing than any other field "31 percent of the FORTUNE 1000 chief executives spend the bulk of their careers in marketing. Marketing is an increasing growing career in the United States.

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