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Teacher Praise and Feedback...

            Teacher Praise and Feedback and Students" Perceptions of the classroom Environment.
             This study had multiple purposes focusing on student-teacher relationships and how classroom environments affected this relationship. As well as, teachers" feedback and praise related to students perceptions of the classroom environment. The sample was composed of students from six different rural elementary schools totaling seven hundred and forty seven students. Results in this study concluded that negative teacher feedback was associated with students" relationship with their teacher. As ability feedback was associated with students perception of the classroom environment. Praise showed to have no relationship to either.
             Studies proved that significant adults in children's lives have a profound affect on children's personal development. (Porlier et al., 1999). Therefore, teachers behavior in a classroom environment should be well thought out and structured. It was cited by Thorp et al. (1994) that approximately 15,000 hours of classroom time is provided to children during primary and secondary schooling. Which is a majority of a child's time so this environment is extremely crucial to a child's development. It is important that this environment is beneficial and positive for the child.
             This study focused on ability feedback as opposed to effort feedback and praise. The study showed both feedbacks were effective in positively enforcing the children. However, Praise showed little or no effect. The study did show that the student's who received more praise were satisfied in comparison to those who did receive praise and were dissatisfied.
             Teacher praise and Feedback 2 .
             As this study proves teachers need to enforce positive behavior with positive reinforcement and feedback. Teachers" also should not just focus on a students ability, praising good efforts is equally important for a students perception of classroom environment.

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