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The Gym

            I've spent the past 15 years sweating, working, and pushing myself to the absolute limit. Just at the moment where I think that I have nothing left, I break passed my limit and exceed to even further lengths. More than a third of my life has been spent either working out or playing sports in the gym. It's a place where no matter what I'm going through all of it just vanishes like if I'm in a completely different world. Sports runs through my family's veins. As early as 3 years old there hasn't been a year to where I haven't been playing basketball or in a gym for some sort of reason. Throughout the years that I've been growing up I've noticed how I always turn to either working on improving my basketball skills or working out when I'm stressed out and just need time to myself. It's more than just somewhere to get away, it's somewhere that benefits me physically and emotionally. There's no pressure about people relying on you or having that wonder to whether or not you are going to let someone down. No matter what the problem is when you're in a completely different world nothing else matters except for yourself. .
             Going to the gym doesn't require the love to work out or even to play sports. Everyone just needs that one place to where they can just get away from life. The gym is somewhere that allows separation from oneself from any problem that may be occurring. I believe that the way I feel about how the gym is my home and how it's my escape can also be the same for many others besides myself. Not only does it provide the atmosphere that one needs to calm down, but also provides a way to not only be mentally sound but physically as well. .
             I've called the gym my home for many years and I plan on continuing to call it my home for as long as I can. One thing that I like most about being at the gym is all of the possibilities there are to meet new people who have the same interests as you.

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