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Was the American Revolution Really a Revolution?

            Historians have been questioning whether the fight for American independence really was a Revolution against the British or not. Does the American Revolution have the events prior to, during, and after the Revolution, to really be called a revolution? For that, a definition of revolution must be established. A revolution can be defined an event or uprising caused by the feeling of discontent amongst the people towards their ruler, which leads to the people overthrowing the system of government to create a new one, establishing the people as independent from the old ruler. The American Revolution can be defined as a revolution under these guidelines as the acts imposed by the British on the people as well as the feeling of being oppressed by the British led to a growing discontent in the people. Prior to the Revolution, American colonists were upset with the growing tensions between the British rulers and government, and the American colonists, which led to changes being brought about in American becoming a more independent society, as well as governmental reforms being put into place changing the governmental system from an absolute monarchy to a more democratic government, which led to lasting effects which can be seen in the values of the American society today. .
             The colonists were becoming agitated and discontent with the harsh ruling techniques being imposed by the British. Coercive Acts that were put in place against Massachusetts resulted in many protests in the surrounding states. An excerpt from the Boston News-Letter on September 1, 1774, "Letters from Philadelphia say that City only has raised 4000 pounds in currency for the support of the Town of Boston in its present difficulties " shows that the towns around Boston, Massachusetts do not like the fact that the British control the regulating of trade in the Americas, and defy Britain by raising money to support the town of Boston under its trade ban.

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