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My Life Story

            Do Not Be Embarrassed By Who You Are.
             Everyone has his own story and description about herself. Anyone can fake the things she shares to others about herself to be not seen on her worst but on her best. But, keep in mind that it is better to show your worse side to them and be loved and be liked rather than your good side which is not really you.-Myrla B. Panabang.
             Judge not, that you be not judged.- Matthew 7:1 is one of my favorite bible verses guiding me in able to avoid troubles I could encounter in everyday saying that I should not do things I also dont want to be done to me. It is better to feel the hardness of education, than to taste the bitterness the ignorance. serves as my motto in fulfilling the dreams Ive set in life. I have to go to school in everyday to study; and to gain the knowledge I need in building these dreams.
             I was born on the 10th day of November, 1996 at Abra, a province on the northern part of the Philippines and was named after one of the famous Radio Broadcasters in our province, Merla Ruiz. The color which attracts me most is red which represents bravery, and also represents my personality strong. I love mingling with a humorous person so that my day wont feel dull. I love being alone sometimes because it gives me space and easier for me to think so I often work at night of silence. I am a person of imperfection in terms of physical appearance and inner characteristic. Sometimes, I can or cannot control some of my emotions.
             I was raised in a simple family and was trained by my parents to be an independent person. My parents enrolled me as Kindergarten School, at Danglas Central School. My family was too proud when I graduated as the valedictorian in our class. It was too nice memorizing my speech and saying in front of the crowd our ambitions in life. I can still remember how proud I was when I said in front of many people that my dream in life was to become a good writer because I liked writing and all I knew was the work of a writer was just simply writing letters or words on a paper.

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