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Ludwig Van Beethoven

             Many people may consider Bach and Mozart to be the greatest composers of the classical era, but they forget that there was a time when Beethoven was famous for his work. Beethoven was born in Bonn(today the capital of West Germany), Germany on December 1770; unfortunately no one knows what date. Since Beethoven was baptized on December 17, 1700, many people thought he was born a day before because according to law and custom, the baby is supposed to be baptized within 24 hours after birth. Even the year is sometimes questioned, quite a lot of composers thought that he was born on 1772.
             Beethoven had two younger brothers who had survived into adulthood. Caspar who was born on 1774 and Johann who was born on 1776. Beethoven's father had began to teach him music with an extraordinary brutality that had affected his life forever. Beethoven's father always wanted to make profit from his son's success. On regular basis, Beethoven was locked in the cellar, spanked, and deprived of his sleep just for extra hours of practice. Beethoven's father had died in 1972 of December and according to Beethoven's diary, it wasn't recorded.
             School Life.
             Even though, Beethoven was considered as an average student. Many biographers had guessed that he had mild dyslexia for that reason. This was hypothesis was only made because Beethoven was quite weak in his sums and spelling. At age ten, Beethoven had quit from school to study music full-time. At age eight, Beethoven's father believed that Beethoven should learn further in music training from other teachers rather than himself.
             Beethoven Job/ Travel Experience.
             By 1784, Beethoven's father was no longer able to provide for his family because of his alcoholism. That is why Beethoven had requested an official appointment letter as an Assistant Court Organist. Even though he was quite young for his age, his request was happily accepted. Beethoven was put on the court payroll of with an honest annual salary of 150 florins.

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