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Living in an American-Pakistani Home

            Living in a Pakistani household and trying to fit in an American life style is not that easy. At home you have to fulfill your parents expectations and you are thought things very differently than any normal American. At school or outside you need to try to blend in with your American friends. At home the American child is taught the American life style while I am taught the Desi (Pakistani) life style. Sometimes you won't fit in with the other children because you have no idea what there talking about. The life styles are totally different and you do things an American child has never heard of. Girls, Drugs/Alcohol, and parties were the BIG three no no's. Studying is something you have to do constantly even if you don't have any work to study. At the end I had to deal with racism and stereotyping that other kids think is funny because you don't fit in.
             At a usual Desi home you will eat different kinds of food, speak a different language, have a different religion, and different set of rules that are appointed by the parents. At a Desi house you will eat a lot of different kinds of food your mom makes for you. The worst part about it if you are on a diet and try to calculate the calories you wont find name because the dish is not American. The good part about it is the Desi food is VERY good and VERY different than American food. You will also speak a different language like my self I speak Urdu, Punjabi, English and Arabic. While the Normal American Child will most likely only speak English. There is a handful of religion out .
             there that a Desi child might follow Muslim or Hindu. These religions are very different from a normal American child's. If you are a Muslim you have to pray five times a day and you cannot eat pork. If your Indian you cant eat Meat also you have to do a thing called Puja in front of a statue. My self I am Muslim I had to pray five times a day as well I could not eat any sort of meat outside of my house unless it was Halal.

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