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Film Review - El Krimen del Padre Amaro

            One of the movies we were assigned to watch in our Philosophy class was El Krimen del Padre Amaro or The Crime of Father Amaro. The movie touches on some very sensitive and controversial subjects as it depicted issues of immoralities within the church society and having main characters which are priests and dedicated servants to the church.
             At the start of the movie, it is shown that a young priest by the name of Amaro is assigned to the town of Los Reyes to help and undergo supervision or training under Father Benito, the aged priest of the town. Not long after, it is somehow hinted that Father Benito is having an affair with Sanjuanera, one of the town's people who serves and helps with their chores as part-time. This is the first scandalous and immoral act in the story. Why do I say that it is immoral? Well, that is simple. Priests are bounded by the rules of the Church society. They live their lives according to the doctrines and the laws. They are expected to dedicate their lives only to God. And as a human, he has the duty to carry out his moral duties. However, having an affair or a sexual relationship is outside the moral duties of a priest and is a serious violation their vow of celibacy. He stirred away from the principles that make up a moral being; therefore Father Benito committed not only a crime but also an immoral act and is ultimately immoral. Their adulterous affair is later confirmed when Father Benito had a conversation with Sanjuanera telling her that they should stop seeing each other as to prevent Father Amaro from discovering the truth behind their affair and stain the good name of the Church.
             This is not the only immoral conduct that Father Benito has shown. In the beginning, Father Benito was shown guiding Father Amaro around so that he can be familiar with the place. One of the places to which Father Benito took him to was the demarcations of a public hospital that he wished to be built for the town's people.

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