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The Affordable Care Act

            Every citizen should be able and allowed to obtain health care insurance regardless of age, pre-existing conditions, financial means or anything of that nature. The Affordable Care Act entitles everyone to an affordable healthcare plan. This will help ensure that low income citizens be given the same opportunities for healthcare as the wealthy or citizens who can afford private insurance. Some of the cons of this program are that premiums are rising; people are paying more in taxes for a program they are not utilizing, as well as the prices of medical services being increased. The topics I am going to discussing are as follows: the pros of the Affordable Care Act and the cons of the Affordable Care Act. I will also discuss my view on the Act and how this act is affecting the citizens of the United States. .
             I have encountered many people that this new Affordable Care Act has impacted in a beneficial manner. No one including children will no longer be denied or limited to health care plans for pre-existing conditions. Every year, since 2010, there have been many improvements in the Affordable Care Act. According to the Health and Human Services website (2014), all Americans will have access to affordable health insurance options. Since the open enrollment began October 1st 2013 more than 7 million people have signed up for coverage through the health insurance marketplace. This new healthcare program is making a stronger Medicare program. Something that I find a plus about this program is that CHIP has expanded to cover up to 9 million children; which is something that will benefit my children. By 2015 insurances will be paying physicians based on value not volume, which simply means they are paying physicians based on the quality of care they provide. .
             An example of the benefits of this act was found in an article in the LA Times where the public can write in and voice their opinions.

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