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The Invalid Truther

            The article "Inside the Pluto 'Truther' Movement, Which Claims Flyby Was Faked" by Max Kutner in the Newsweek magazine's website posted on July 18, 2015 is a good cover-up on the 'Plutto Truther moment' on the New Horizons mission to Pluto. The questions raised and the claims made by Mr. Crow in the article is invalid by a million mile. A truther moment is something started by conspiracy theorists who question the verity of well-established and widely believed information on events such as the mission to Pluto, 911 attacks by Al-Qaeda etc. They are not exactly whistle blowers because they don't back their claim with concrete proofs. But they are theorists who claim their theory to be true. In our case, the theorist who goes by the fake name – "Crow Trippleseven", claims that the initial images from NASA's Pluto mission are fake and that NASA staged the flyby and shot the images in some studio in California. This is based on his personal experiments he performed in his backyard. Fake satellite image controversies have been in existence since man stepped on the moon for the first time. Although in the end of the article, an astrophysicist, Jonathan from Harvard, dismisses all of his claims without explanation because these statements made no sense to him. We will validate his statements (for the sake of rationale) before we dismiss his claims.
             One good reason to not believe in Crow is that he concealed his original identity for he received threats regarding his claim. A mission to Pluto is a first of its kind and United States has all the rights to feel proud about it. It is obvious that he will receive threats when his claims will supposedly bring disgrace to the nation. Anonymity further weighs down the effect of his claim. If Mr.Crow was so sure about his claim, he could have come out in open and proved it. There are hundreds of such videos found in Internet posted by anonymous users.

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