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The Fixation of Belief by Charles Sanders Pierce

            In "The Fixation of Belief," Charles Sanders Pierce contends that the scientific method is better than all different systems, because of it s capacity to build what is true and what is not valid in a specific way. He contends that since "experience of the method has not led us to doubt it," the scientific method will essentially lead us to "one true conclusion." Reinforced by the development of science, these contentions made by Pierce in 1877 are effective enough to endure in the 21st century, specifically as the subtext for the regular confidence in science as society's salvation. .
             He starts with an appeal to logic to figure out what the truth is, instead of the "pleasing and encouraging visions" which may cause ""a fallacious tendency of thought." His key point is that in the usage of rationale, the "irritation of doubt" is uncomfortable to the point that it " causes a struggle to attain a state of belief." Analyzing the basic personality, Pierce composes that this battle has as its sole protest " the settlement of opinion " around an actuality as opposed to knowing reality of the truth itself; he reminds us that a "true conclusion would remain true if we had no impulse to accept it." He then gives a targeted investigation of the different techniques of establishing fixed belief. .
             Depicting belief to be "of the nature of a habit ", Pierce rejects what he calls the method of tenacity, noting that numerous people lean toward satisfaction to truth and will maintain a strategic distance from uncertainty once they have settled upon a consoling belief; accordingly, periodic conviction is liable to coherent error. He composes hopefully, be that as it may, that "the social impulse is against" the survival of this strategy – since every person in the public arena is stood up to with the thoughts of different people, each one will permit that others' contradicting plans may be more substantial.

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